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I suffered from daily debilitating back pain for many years. Through traditional massage therapy, physical, and non narcotic treatment, Dr. Gluck helped me understand what was wrong. We were able to work out the Musculoskeletal disorder I was suffering from without surgery. Now I am pain free.
Sincerely, A thankful veteran


My family has been so pleased to be patients of Dr. Gluck.  With his experience, knowledge and concern for our well being, he has been able to help each and everyone of us with various health issues.  We had been suffering for sometime and thanks to his help we have been able to heal and go forward in life.  We highly recommend Dr. Gluck.

Julia Hursh and family

I would like to express my families appreciation to Dr. Gluck who recently moved to Alpine. We have been seeing him now for the past year and very happy with his medical expertise. His ability to diagnose your problems and his knowledge of medicines seem to exceed those of specialist we’ve been going to the past five years. He reduced my number of prescription medicines to one and I no longer have the agonizing negative side effects of those caused by meds the specialist had prescribed. He sees you on very short notice with no lengthy waiting time and has saved us a considerable amount of time and money. - JW & EF


“Never in my life have I experienced such personalized and accessible care from a doctor. Dr. Gluck makes himself personally available to answer any questions or concerns over the phone and at his office. That’s virtually unheard of! He takes the time to get to know you and is open and receptive to talking through multiple options to make sure you are comfortable and yet still receiving the quality care you deserve.” -Julie


Dr. Gluck is one of a kind in todays worlds of Doctors. He takes his time, gets to know you and truly cares about his patients. My kids swear he is Santa Claus because of his caring manner and joy that he spreads. Dr. Gluck cares enough to check on me after I have been to see him. Thank you Dr. Gluck for all of your care! Sarita

Affordable, accessible, and thorough. I feel very fortunate to have access to Dr Gluck. As someone who does not carry self-employed health insurance, due to high costs, I am thankful that Dr Gluck's practice is in Alpine. Very reasonable rates, as well as hours, make him the perfect choice for me. He is thorough and personable, as well as a heck of a nice guy. If you are looking for a good doctor who will take the necessary time to give you the care that you need, I highly recommend Dr Gluck. - JB

As a concierge medical office Dr. Gluck offers a different (unique) way of seeking medical care in the Big Bend area.  Many have told me how convenient and reasonable it is for them to pay once for a month of unlimited visits to his office.  Dr. Gluck thoroughly investigates your concerns.  He explains the issues well.

My experience with Dr. Gluck has been great and a relief. He caring, fair and very knowledgeable. I'm Thankful he brought his practice to the area. - Tehra Vaughn

No nonsense medicine, a caring doctor and a price I can afford. Thank you Doc Gluck!  AM


Imagine a doctor who knows you and your family by name and is actually interested in you and what's going on in his patient's life. Imagine a happy doctor who laughs and is glad to know you. This physician lives in you neighborhood and who knows about the community. He has more than 5 minutes to spend with you and you don't have to pend hours waiting to be seen, nor do you have to be processed with forms and an impersonal nurse who runs you through the paces, factory style! He is the best thing since sliced bread. A good old fashioned country doctor who works right out of his own home whose sole purpose is to meet your needs. He is the doctor of your dreams! He will always be there for you. Our family has been so blessed Dr. Gluck all we can do is praise his name! Get out of the rat race and come home to Dr. Gluck, you'll be glad you did!

Mr. and Mrs. William Thornburg

Marfa, TX

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